Let me again introduce myself to you as Mrs.Geetha Bali.M. (third younger daughter of late T.N.Balakrishna).

Here is a small introduction of my family comprising my husband who has retired from business activity and my only daughter Santoshi.M who has completed her B.E.in Information Science and who is also the Founder Trustee.

I am in total bliss of what I am and consider myself as the most fortunate for being born as a daughter to my father.  I take the highest pride in all his achievements and I dedicate this site to him.


I have taken an oath by conscience to dedicate my life for two of my vision dreams, one to take an active participation in the welfare and upliftment of the poorest section in society and the second to strive hard in the development of my father’s studio and accomplish his dream. 

I adore and respect my father immensely as the greatest achiever in life, who achieved success despite devoid of his short of hearing disability.  I love him for all his love and attention shown to us and also for being such a good human being. I have preserved the memorabilias of my father as precious as his life.  

I love and idiolize both my father and mother for having cared us immensely and have imbibed human values from them. I am extremely fortunate for having spent my life with them and lived with them until their demise and also I was highly blessed to care and serve them when sick and shared emotional support with them and stood by them thorughout there lifetime. All those memories are very much lively in my memory and are part of my day to day's existense. I love them immensely My father has stood as an exemplary to me, his passion, hard work, determination and perseverance had all been a guiding force, he had inculcated great values of life in me to be benevolent, to be compassionate towards the down trodden, share joy and happiness with less privileged and certainly giving and sharing is a tremendous ecstasy, be it love, care or kind contribution, all of which brings smile on those less fortunate section of people, depressed and oppressed and also those abandoned section in society.  Though I have been raised in a very comfortable and luxury life style, yet I have contemplated about struggling human beings and experienced their hard and struggling way of leading their life for their livelihood.  My heart melts when I see the sufferings of the poor its not an overnight feeling but I had grown up empathizing with them and developed my feelings for them from my childhood days.  I remember giving my share of food to anybody in hunger and also without the consent of my family members I would give away, clothes and household articles to the door to door poor vendors who struggled to even have two meals a day inspite of their hard work.


My heart bleeds when I understand that there are lakhs of children dying of starvation, so my burning aspiration is to reach such children and our trust top priority is to eradicate hunger and also assure that the poorer section have an opportunity to lead a dignified life.  Our trust shall work hard to arrest poverty and enrich our society.

My world is a world of garden of services contribution, I have dedicated myself to render social services of human kind, whereas my thoughts are equipped with sincere devotion of contribution to the society by extending our trust services to all the corners of society.  It is true that simple introspection of life teaches us to share.  I began my social activities from early 90’s and now I intend to extend and expand my services through my trust to reach a larger section of society.