An axiom says – “simplicity in the characteristic of greatness” which relates to Balanna who was the embodiment of simplicity and the one who adopted to lead a simple living style of life.He remained detached from materialistic world.

He was a voracious reader, in fact, all the leading newspapers and magazines would be on his table.  He also loved writing and his hand writing was so elegant that it never appeared to be of an VIIIth failed and school drop out person.  He had fascination to pick up variety of pens.


His simple attire were a white dhoti or wrap around and safari shirt.

He was a non-vegetarian and loved them.  He presumed consumption of coffee as an energizer.  He was a chain smoker and only at his old age days he realized the risk factors and reduced them gradually.  He was a pre-dawn riser and his day would begin with a hot cup of coffee, then a long brisk walk followed by some physical exercises all which helped him to remain fit, energetic and active throughout his lifetime.  He would then fresh himself, offered prayers, then had his breakfast.  He preferred his food to be quantitative, hencehis food intake would be split with break intervals even if he loved them.

He had been an extremely active person throughout his lifetime, one could rarely find him sick on bed as he was highly cautious of his health care.  He would wind up his day with fruits especially apple, milk and badam nuts.

He did not have knowledge about cooking.  His kitchen job would sometime be during pre-dawn hours when he woke up to write something and to just sip a hot cup of coffee he would heat the milk and add it to the preserved coffee decoction, that was all he did in the kitchen.

He was a workaholic never drained of his energy.  He was always punctual on the sets and many a times even much early.  His dream was that he should be actively involved in his acting profession until his death and never to retire till his last breath.

He was an exuberant and a diligent family man and shared a precious bonded relationship with his family and his interactions with them were always humorous.  He was a very good compromiser be it with his family or fraternity friends.  Wife is the core of a man’s life and his wife’s role in the family was multifaceted for which he adored her and admitted the fact that she was indeed the protector of the family as she not only nursed him and the family gracefully but also shouldered the family responsibilities.  In fact, he considered her as the goddess of security of his family.  Of course disagreements and difference of opinion did exist and occur which happens in every family, but they together brushed them aside and burried the ill feelings for the smooth sail of the family.The only issue his wife constantly tried to educate him was of hygiene which he never acknowledged.  Even his personal room was untidy.  He restricted his family members to tidy up his room or set right in order the heaped piles of papers, files or books.  In fact he kept his personal room locked, fearing somebody meddling them, misplacing them or even losing them.  

In fact he took the self-responsibility of heating water for his family members bathing purpose by utilizing the abundant availability of fire wood in his premises.

He was a down-to-earth person.  He respected his children’s freedom to lead their life and was also too liberal with them, but on the other hand his wife disciplined him and her children too.  He was a home-loving bird and preferred returning back home hastily soon after the pack-up of his film schedules even if it meant to be a midnight journey.  He seldom watched his films but watched films referred as best by his colleagues not minding about the language. Back home during leisures, he would join his children to play indoor games, such as carom board in spite of being aware to be a perfect loser in the games.  He was also bad at playing cards with few of his fraternity friends, again to be a game loser.  His favourite sport was football. He always kept his profession and family apart.

As far as his temperament was concerned,he always tamed his temper and remained serene, nothing could infuriate him unless and until he was provoked.  He always tried to remain mentally balanced.  He shared his personal feelings with his wife who stood as a pillar to support him and protect his interests.  On certain occasions he presumed he was being taunted at times which did pain him, but his amazing attitude was never to carry the burden of ill-feelings forward but to bury them right away.  His calm demeanour played as a tool for his existence in the film industry for five decades.  He respected everybody’s feelings and he was an epitome of not only simplicity but of humility too.  He was always ahead willing to support anybody, either morally or emotionally.  He disliked flaunting his success, nor betrayed respect towards anybody, young or old.

He held his producers, directors and his fraternity colleagues in high esteem.  He looked upon his producers and directors with due respect as “FEEDERS”, he equally held his loving audience in high esteem without whose encouragement he would have been an abandoned child.  He integrated with everybody around in a humorous warm regards.  All of these characteristics attributed as a support to him.  His attitude remained of gratitude forever.

He honestly acknowledged the hardships of his producers as he had grown with them during his phenomenal journey and hence for the same reason he never deliberately hiked his remuneration nor demanded a fat pay packet even during his successful peak periods.  He was highly conscious not to trouble his producers and even to remind them of his balance dues, he only made requests, explaining the reasons for his monetary requirements.

He harped on dignity and self respect.   Due to his short of hearing disability he was compelled to accomodate either his wife or someone of his family member during his outstations camp.  In those circumstances his home kitchenette went along with him just to strip his producers of additional expenditure of his family member and he also ensured separate billing of his family member for their eatables or beverages to be handed to him for which he footed the bills.

He was a non-controversial person, never harboured ill-feelings towards anybody, even if it meant that they did not support him.  

He loved sharing, and shared the responsibility of his family household shopping.  He had deep sympathies towards the poorer section of society.  He would buy vegetables or fruits from petty vendors in the market so as ensure that they earned that extra income for their family.  Many a times in the market locality, he distributed food stuffs bought from nearby food stalls amongst poorest, be it children elderly persons or handicapped.  Though these gestures were minor ones, still he derived a contentment of generosity by sharing from his restricted income.  Whenever he visited the market locality he did wrap his face with an head pull over cap and a shawl so as to keep his identity a guessing game and thus kept the public from flocking to him and at times when few tried to identity him, he would change his body language and facial gesture, simply limp and walk away.

He believed that religion shouldn’t be a barrier for social integrity, and expressed that his religion was humanity.

He was a decorous person and loved to share his glories with all.  He would turn solo if he was not involved with his busy schedules and always aspired to never retire from his film activities.   At times he was misconstrued and also  wrongly misinterpreted due to his short of hearing disability. There were times when he was subjected to humiliation but nothing made him to be driven into vaccum, though he felt the pain, yet, his ever churning spirit within him would bounce back in no time.  He was a man of comity and aspired to ensure that people around him were cheerful, for which he would even create an humorous atmosphere.

Being a person by virtue of moral values, he refrained from trading his self-respect.  Most of the times he would pawn his articles of gold or silver to raise money.  He rigorously resisted from seeking financial favours, but, unfortunately there were instances which demanded him to seek them, but he always ensured to return them with a special gratitude with a “thanks” note.   He was never a spendthrift but was wise and had a watch on his expenditures and thus curtailed all untroubled expenses.  He left no liability or debts behind him after his death nor did he owe any due amount to any institution or private agency except the Government Loan of 5 lacs which was officially waived off after his death.  He was indeed a man of simple living with great thoughts.  He was a perspicacious person who was quick to understand the pulse of the situation which in turn prompted him to act sensibly.  Even at times of being marginalized, he in his own terms would retrospect with his early life and dealt issues compatibly.  He was the last man to create professional rivalry nor did he nurse grudge against anybody, but he was committed for an enliven environment.  He was judgemental and though he couldn’t hear people speaking out, but still he captured their mood swings and emotions and voluntarily offered to support them to come out of their distress.  He did well guard his emotions.  He believed in everybody’s right of freedom to live.He had a superb memory and he savoured incidents and tales etched in his memories forever. 

With due respects those names to be mentioned here who were part of his life as supporters in all manners are Mr.SrinivasMurthy, Mr.SunderRaj, Mr.Rajappa, Mr.Somashekar, Mr.Narasimappa, Mr.Srinivas Gowda, Mr.Chikkanna, Mr.SunandRaj, Mr.Dasarayappa, Mr.SannaRajappa, Mr.Siddalingaiah & Mr.Sudhakar. Another great person who is most worth to be mentioned is Mr KUMAR BANGARAPPA (S/O former chief minister S. BANGARAPPA). He is simply too great a person as his non - pulicised favour to Balanna's family was always cherished by Balanna's family with deep gratitude. 

And Balanna’s reliable friends and Dr.Raj Kumar & Mr.Ambareesh had never failed to extend financial support to him in times of need, its deeply regretted if anybody’s support is missed here unintentionally.  As I was never associated with film personalities and hence I plead to kindly excuse me.  I request you to intimate me about anybody’s names missed out here which shall be incorporated soon.

He loved and bred animals such as cows, buffalos, dogs, sheep, and poultry.  He cared them so much that even at times when he missed to fetch house-hold items but never failed to carry their fodder.  He also instructed his wife not to kill the bred chickens to be cooked for his food.  The animals too loved him and awaited for their master’s vehicle to reach home with their fodder in time.  He was indeed a great man with a great soul.

During times of impecunious, he braved them through thick and thin but disliked surrendering or succumbing to failures, as he strongly believed in sailing with faith than being drowned without it.  He had extremely reliable non-fraternity family friends who always stood by him and who remained forever in Balanna’s memory.

A MESSAGE:- To have contentment in one’s life is to experience their joy as their share of life and hence whatever is their share will certainly come to them but whatever is not their’s may never come to them.  Happiness and sorrows lies within us and it is for us to decide to be happy or not.  Sorrows may lead to spell the sickness of life.  So, let us avoid this sickness and bound ourselves to achieve contentment with whatever we have to enlighten our lives.


His passion for acting, love for arts, and artistic skills, talent were exemplary. He was not only an artist who painted for the backdrop of theatre or painted bill boards but non knew of his artistic skills in free hand drawings which were so instinctive that he had even sketched for the blue print of his studio building and for his site located on Kengeri-Mysore highway road. The Engineer who had to approve it was dumbstruck for his unbelievable talents. Few of his self-scripted screenplays’, with dialects laid idle in his cupboard, one being titled “Roopaye Ganda” meaning “wealthy husband”.

Though being a Class VIII twice failed and a school (drop out) his knowledge in Kannada Language was so profound that he was a genius who didn’t require the confines of school to acquire knowledge.He went on to be a playwright too,his command over the language was so laudable that,he even turned to be a “teacher” or “guru” to the most adored matinee idol of Kannada Cinema Dr. Rajkumar.  He had even managed to teach the veteran Tamil actor Mr. Shivaji Ganesan basic kannada language.

In 1940, he and his childhood dear friend Mr.G.V.Iyer had camped at “Sri Gubbi Veeranna” theatre company.  It was during that period he got acquainted to Dr.Rajkumar whose father Mr.Puttaswamaiah along with his four children had also encamped there.  Mr.Puttaswamaiah was too keen that his children acquired adequate knowledge in Kannada language.  Hitherto, Balu who’s knowledge in Kannada had developed to be proficient, shared them with Dr.Rajkumar who gradually got inspired by Balu’s teaching capability, and therefore respected him as his mentor with immense admiration as his ideal “Guru” or “teacher”.

A MESSAGE:- Money alone can never beget joy or happiness in one’s life, but accomplishment of one’s dream can bring an immense joy.