The objective of our trust is for the upliftment of the lowest stratum of society, backward classes, feed the starving children and care neglected people.  Farmers are the visions of our country, so their grievances shall be addressed as top priority and their interests protected.  Imparting education is the thrust area, we shall also work hard to support the unemployed by researching out jobs for them, bring awareness about blood donation, eye and organs donation to save lives.  Our trust shall also work to unearth those talented youths and children and thus get recognition for them. We would support the weaker section of society without gender bias, class or creed.  We also intend to extend our support to those silent sufferers in our film industry.

Also, our trust undertakes counseling of families, students and youth.  We would conduct mass health camps and also educate public about hygiene and civic responsibilities.  Our trust also promotes unity among religions for peace existence, conduct mass marriages, organize scholarships to the less privileged.  We also intend to check cruelty to animals.

Grievances of the public shall be redressed and also our trust shall attribute emotional strength to the struggling section of people to face life’s adversities and provide confidential counseling for families, students, youths and elderly people. Also priority shall be accorded to harassed people for emotional support and we affirm to state that caste or religion shall not be a fence or barrier in serving the society.We intend to express our support to our Justice Lokayuktha to weed out corruption and thus protect our nation’s wealth from being hoarded.

Our trust top priority shall also be to prevent child labour and to protect their rights.  We shall stand ahead to protect human rights, consumer rights and protection too.  Our trust goal is to also for the patronage of the deserving neglected section of our society. 

Introspection of life teaches us that we have to deflate ego, sink all the differences and join hands to greet peace and prosperity in our society.  We have to sincerely work for the betterment of the society and not to accumulate wealth.  Honesty is the only virtue which can earn dignity and respect.

An objective approach towards life is to cultivate friendship.  To suppress the thoughts of the pangs of envy, we should come to terms with realities that, each one’s life is unique and unfolds as per the destiny, the remedies are within us by being contented with what we have and also all the struggling people should have faith and belief that all bad period shall pass off one day.  There is sun rise and also a sun set, so is our life, everybody on this earth has a good and a bad phase too, so take life as it comes, enjoy the good phase and bear with the bad one too.  The struggles are for humans only, so accordingly we should think and act and believe that they are merely a rotation period, we have to consider them as not struggles but a battle to protect our loved ones.  This philosophical attitude builds our emotional strength to overcome every hassles of our life.