We at our trust humbly appeal to all sophisticated donors to kindly contribute generously to our trust.  We would by all means and from depth of our heart wish to state that our trust shall work for the betterment and upliftment of our society and not for amassing wealth or to create wealth.  Public money should never get into our blood and thus poison our thoughts.  We promise you that any donation contributed to our trust shall be genuinely utilized for the upliftment of the poorest and our trust account shall be accessible to the donors and any departments for verification.  Transparency is our motto.

We at our trust welcome geneours contributions from anybody and assure you of our transparency and disbursement of your donation for a genuine public cause and thus reach the deserving poorest section of people.

Special note: I personally consider this precious opportunity to thank the present generation of film fraternity friends and channels who are doing their best as part of their contribution in the development and promoting of my father’s studio.  My special deep grateful thanks to Mr.Ravichandra (Prince actor of Kannada Cinema) for his constant support to my father’s studio and Mr.Sudeep, (Kannada Popular Film Actor) for his patronage to my father’s studio and my heartfelt thanks to “Sree Jai Bhuvaneshwari Yuvakara Sangha of J.P.Nagar 7th Phase” for their sweet remembrance of my father.

Thanking each and everyone sincerely from deep bottom of our heart.  I politely request you all to continue your supportive patronage to my father’s studio “Abhimaan” to keep his soul at peace.