To attain success is not easy but one has to earn to achieve it.

Early and late 50’s were the beginning of new glory and success to Balu.

In 1952, Balu scripted for the play “Kaala Chakra” for the first time, in which he also portrayed a negative role.  His performance was so powerful that he instantly related to the character which was so intense that he was hated by the audience.  This play went on to be a successful show which fetched an unexpected profit to the proprietor Mr.Veeranna who was so enthused by Balu’s performance that he gifted him a golden chain. That gesture of Mr.Veeranna made Balu extremely overjoyed and excited and elevated him as a playwright.  The plays for which he scripted include “Bedara Kannappa”, “Bharatha Lakshmi” and “Raamayana”.    He also penned poetic stanzas and lyrics for the tunes of those plays which showered recognition and created wide appreciation for his poetic lyrics.  His status was further upgraded as he added luster to the play which made him more bankable.  Those periods were golden one for him as all his dear beloved friends, Mr.G.V.Iyer, (Producer, Actor and Director), Dr. Rajkumar (Hero icon of Kannada cinema) and Mr .Narasimharaju (a great comedy icon in Kannada Cinema) camped together and came closer to each other in those periodical plays.  Balu was an epitome of professionalism with them, those glorified days he always cherished in his enriched memory.
In 1953, he faced camera again for the film “Dazhazhi” produced by D.Shankar Singh, which also went to be a huge successful film.  From then on, there was no turn back to Balu as he was anointed with film offers with substantive roles, wherein he donned and essayed various characters of anti-hero, negative character portrayals and comedian of course.  He began to climb the ladder of success with illuminating insight of film flooded offers which was an apparent indication for his beaming success.  There were no bounds for his contentment and happiness as his career graph soared high and he was loved by his fraternity colleagues who went on to address him as “Balanna”.He became an household name for his versatile character performances. 
His credentials worth to be mentioned are his competent skills, his esteemed producers, directors, film fraternity colleagues and his dear loving Kannada film lovers which all attributed to propel him to great heights of a successful career.  In 1964 he produced the film “Kalitharu Henne”, scripted and lyrics penned by him, a moral value based film which depicted joint family values of committed responsibilities of an educated woman.  Though his never extinguishable desire to abandon stage plays were never in his dreams, but, at one stage, his busy film schedules did deter him to pursue them.  His passion for acting was highly genuine to such an extent that he never emphasized on his remuneration, he neither demanded for a fat pay packet, nor was he willing to hike them deliberately even during his peak successful periods.  He established a strong foothold in the Kannada film industry, all in spite of his short of hearing disability.  He had no ego hassles and was always willing to undertake any offers.

A MESSAGE:- A will to achieve and passion for the profession can lead one to attain success of his / her dream’s choice.


The communication was always in a sign language, be it with his family or film fraternity colleagues or if it were to be elaborated then they were briefed on papers. His acting performances were so accurate and professional that the audience never suspected him of his short of hearing impairment. He was extremely talented of memorizing any given dialogues. The script sequence, and dialogue would be handed over to him and the director would guide him on when he should pick up his lines or follow his co-stars act. Hence his major task was to also have a shrewd watch on his co-stars to follow his act of action or sometimes his attention would be on his co-stars motional gestures or even their lip movements, hitherto his course of action would follow in accordance with them.

In fact, the directors and producers who were highly conscious of his talents and skills believed that it was worth the trouble as his presence made a distinct difference to their films.  His competent acting skills were so exemplary that he remained active for five decades in Kannada film industry having acted in 561 films.  He set his goal and achieved it inspite of his sensitivity to sound barrier.

A MESSAGE:- One should delve in one’s capabilities and not in disabilities to find a place for himself / herself in whatever they are ambitious about.


In 1953 – Mahatma Pictures – “Dazhlazhli”, directed by his favourite and lovable director D.Shankar Singh who later on also offered challenging character roles to Balanna are worth to be mentioned. His adorable producers& actors, Mr.B.R.Panthulu and Mrs.M.V.Rajamma worthare to be mentioned for their eagerness to cast Balanna in their films.

In 1960, “Kantheredu nodu”, he donned in a negative role, brought him laurels.

1961 “Shreeshylamahatme”, apart from acting in this film, he also assisted Mr.Aswath in scripting for the screenplay and penned dialogues too.

In the meantime, the closely bonded friends, Mr.Iyer, Dr.Rajkumar and Balanna, who had surplus cash earned from theatre plays decided to produce the film “Ranadheera Kanteerava” (A kannada historical film) with few supporters aid and the film went on to be a box office hit and was held in high esteem as it was released as the 100th Kannada Film.

In 1964, “Chandavalliya Thota” again a negative character portrayal by Balanna.   Of the 18 films released that year, Balanna had enacted in over 12 films, in 1969 in about 20 films.

Over the years of 60’s and 70’s he had enacted in over 130 films and was the busiest actor to be relied on, a benchmark for an actor like him to experiment with various character roles and ultimately he overcame his own affliction and won fame dictated by success he had achieved.  It was said that in those periodical years his and his comedian friend Mr.Narasimharaju’s dates for the films were first secured even before approaching the heroes.

In 1972, he worked under one of his prominent and adorable director Mr.Siddalingaiah’s directorial film “Bangarada Manushya” (Hero-idol of Kannada cinema Dr.Rajkumar) which celebrated a golden jubilee screening of the film with power packed shows for more than two years in which Mr.Balanna was the recipient of state award for a supporting role in the film (portrayed as a generous good human being). 

In 1973, another super successful film – “Ghandhada Gudi”, Balanna’s dear and well wisher friend Mr.M.P.Shankar’s film, again donned an anti-hero character.

In the years ahead he was offered unique character roles and of course he enjoyed experiencing long spell of success.  Balanna rejoiced in participating in one of his another dear friend Mr.A.V.Seshagiri Rao’s film “Sampathige Savaal” which again won laurels for him and in 1979, his one of his dearest film producer Mr.K.C.N. Gowda’s  historical film “Hulihaalina Mevu”, a high budget film which consumed almost nearly two years for its scheduled completion.

Balanna rejoiced pairing with his great comedian partner Mr.Narasimharaju who together enticed the audiences in numerous films.

He finally crested the hill top of success.  During the period years of 80’s and early 90’s, Balanna’s participation in films exceeded 125 to his credit. 

It would be a pride of honour to mention here about a film “Bettada Hu” an award winning film in 1985, in which his lip-sink for a song in the film was highly commendable, remarkable and noteworthy to be appreciated as it deemed to be unbelievable for a person who was short of hearing to perform the act.

(Apart from acting, Balanna participated in various protests and agitations conducted by the film fraternity for the welfare of the Kannada Film Industry and also joined rallies to raise funds for state calamities). He was felicitated and honoured by various organizations and committees, the prominent one being 1989-90 series “Puttanna Kanagal” award in 1991 on Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration Day.  Kannada Film Artists association award Bangarada Thoda was bestowed on Balanna for his contributions in films.  He was honoured by various committees and organizations with titles bestowed on him as “Navarasa Natana Saarvabhouma”, “Haasya Brahma”, “Haasya Shree”, “Praja Rathna”, “Abhinaya Prapoorna”, “Abhinaya Maanikya Shreshta”, “Kannada Kalanidhi”, “Chalana Chitra Chira Rathna”, “Belzhi Paradeya Naguvina Balizhi”, “Kalaabhimanada Kaaranji”,  “Abhinaya Chanakya”, Abhinaya Chatura”, “Natana Kalaachakravarthi”, “Haasya Chakreshwara”, “Haasya Rathna”.

Balanna owed his success to his dear and loving producers, directors, film fraternity colleagues and to the Kannada film lovers.

All respected Sirs’ and with due respect, Balanna’s most respected and well-wisher producers and directors of film fraternity are Mr.B.R.Panaulu& Mrs.M.V.Rajamma, Mr.K.R.SeethramaShastry, Mr.T.V.SinghTakur, Mr.SunderRaoNadakarni, Mr.B.Vittalacharya, Mr.K.S.L.Swami, Mr.M.R.Vittal, Mr.R.RamaMurthy, Mr.N.Lakshminarayan, Mr.S.R.PuttannaKanagal, Mr.Siddalingaiah, Mr.A.V.Seshagiri Rao, Mr.(Dr.)Rajkumar’s Home Production; Mr.Dorai Bhagwan, Mr.V.Somashekar, Mr.HunusoorKrishnaMurthy, Mr.K.S.R.Das, Mr.Prabhakar, Mr.ShankarNag, Mr.GubbiVeeranna, Mr.J.D.Thottan, A.N.Krishnanarayaru.  His dear film fraternity friends who were his well wishers & supporters of him include Mr.Ambareesh, DR Rajkumar, Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Mr.Ananthnag, Mr.Shivaram, Mr.Sreenath, Mr.Lokesh, Mr.Vajramuni, Mr.ThugudeepuSrinivas, Mr.Dwarkeesh, Mr.K.S.Aswath, Mr.Sunderraj, Mr.Sudheer, Mr.UdayKumar, Mr. Musari Krishnamurthy, Mr. Chaandru(Mukhyamantri), Mr.KalyanKumar and of course all his entire dearest female film fraternity friends who all respected him immensely and whom he respected and had highest regards for them.