In 1946, during his camp at Holenarsipura, (Hassan District) Mr.G.V.Iyerhis dear childwood friend who was one year younger to Balu had also camped there. He was already married by then and he empathized with Balu for still remaining a bachelor and it was he who resolved to strike an alliance for his dear friend. He did play instrumental in seeking an alliance with Miss.Sathyavati from Holenarsipura. Balu who was emotionally wedded to theatre never intended to settle down for a family life. He was in a state of euphoria as he tied the nuptial knot to Miss.Satyavathi. All went well for a year for Balu but his happiness short lived as his wife soon after delivering a baby girl succumbed to a cruel sudden death inflicted by nerve breakdown. Her death was a rude shock to Balu who remained aghast for months together. The child was soon in the warmth care of her grandma (Balu’s mother-in-law) to be nursed and raised by her as Balu’s profession demanded a wandering job, hopping to towns and districts.

A year passed by and Mr.G.V.Iyer was too disappointed at what befell on his dear friend’s family life.  He suggested Balu to consider for a second marriage to enlighten his isolated life.  To begin with, Mr.Iyer approached Balu’s mother-in-law to seek the possibility for a second marriage with her younger daughter Miss.Seetha.  But Miss.Seetha declined the proposal citing two reasons, one being Balu’s short of hearing disability, and the second one being his association with theatre.  Those days people were reluctant to forge an alliance with theatre associated persons fearing unstable income and the profession being a wandering one and they simply considered them as vagabonds.

After Miss.Seetha’s reluctance to re-marry Balu, Mr.Iyer didn’t lose hope, he deliberately put forth his efforts to strike an alliance and he ultimately succeeded by approaching the grandmother of an young girl of ten year old Miss.Jayalakshmi alias Saroja.  In those days girls were married off as early as ten.  As Jayalakshmi was too young, it consumed few years for her to fall in the family line.  Balu too snuggled into a happy family life.  After Balu’s second marriage his ex-mother-in-law refused to hand over the child to the newly married couple until the child turned to be a teenager.  In the meantime, Balu got involved back to his routine activities.  This time his little wife too assisted him at home in his painting job, (painting bill boards or business boards) and accompanied him in his wandering profession.  After early 1950’s and through 1960’s Balu’s career in filmdom blossomed, not only did he enjoyed his success in his film career, but also on the family front he become father of two daughters and two sons who all happened to settle at Chennai for their academical progress.  Later, all the five children were married off and settled.

A MESSAGE:- Home is the permanent and final destination place where though one has to move around on professional front but yet had to return back to feel joy of presence of togetherness and oneness in the family.