To Balanna his wife was a shadow of strength, lady luck, goddess of power, confidence booster, everything to him.  She shouldered not only family responsibilities but shared the sour moments of his life too.  He preferred she accompanied him on his journeys.  She was an active lady who was always on her toes for her selfless contribution to the family, either to accompany her husband or fly to tend to the needs of her children.  In later years she became a prey to a chain of dangerous diseases such as heart enlargement, high blood pressure with chronic diabetic.  Though she was energetic backed by will power but still she was actually paving her way to her eternal journey.  In 1994, September 13th, before midnight, Balanna’s wife who had already suffered two heart attacks earlier,succumbed to the third one.  Just prior to few hours of her final goodbye to her family,Balanna was by her bed side, rubbing her cold feet to warm them up, gazing at her pale turned face – uttered in a choked voice – “Papa” (he fondly addressed her) don’t orphan me, if you too abandon me, I’ll be a lost child, please get up and reinvigorate yourself, I need you”, but she was turning cold, ambulance was summoned and before leaving she in a soft tone replied – “Bali (she addressed him as) don’t worry, I shall soon make arrangements for your journey to join me”.  Silence prevailed and she was lifted unto the ambulance only to return home lifeless.  The doctor who attended her had acknowledged her last “Namaste” gesture as she had lost her voice by then, but even before he could attend her, her soul had departed from her body.

Balanna couldn’t come to terms to believe that his wife was no more.  His grief was palpable as he was in a state of dumps and devastationand appeared that he will never recover from the disastrous separation, as her loss was insurmountable for him.  He looked emotionally lost, and soon after the funeral rites he moved out to his younger daughter’s home.  A man of humility, with tremendous sense of humour, a man who cheered all and illuminated the atmosphere turned repressive and confined himself to mourn the death of his soul mate who lived with him for 46 years.

Balanna experienced that beleaguered phase as a catastrophe and felt the roof overhead had crashed down on him as he lost his life partner who stood like a pillar in his lifetime, encouraging him, guiding him, infusing will power to sustain the pain and loss he suffered periodically, with her demisea pall of gloom shrouded “Abhimaan”.

A MESSAGE:- Wife and the husband should sacrifice for each other for the longevity of their relationship and for the strong foothold of the family base.  It is both of them who should jointly act in accordance for the decision to live and lead a peaceful life.  Money alone is not the criterion for a happy family, but love, care, togetherness, compatibility,understanding, responsibility and above all sacrifices shall work for a cemented relationship.  Wherever one finds a union family, the secret is pretty sure that a lot of sacrifices had been worked out.  Solidarity in the family shall act as an iron door for any ill-feelings or evil-activities to enter in by self-guarding one’s own family.


Soon after his wife’s demise, Balanna, looked dwindled, eventually the atmosphere at his studio home seemed as though she was convincingly arranging for events to embrace her husband.A dynamic courageous man with full of zeal and gusto of his calibre became emotionally shattered, his health crumbled and sadness gloomed as his life lied ensconced within the walls of his studio home, that was when Balanna feared the haunting memories of his wife.  Hence, soon after the completion of rituals of his wife Balanna moved to his younger daughter’s home.  He was left traumatized and vulnerable, no more humorous talks but only silence was his language.  He began to wane day by day.  Though his health was deteriorating,yet, his commitment to his profession was a commitment unto his death. With much difficulty he did participate in his last film schedule and also dubbed his voice for thefilm “Emakinkara” dragging his vigour along to complete his film as he didn’t want to disappoint his director and producer.

Many of his well-wishers whispered “had he not established his film studio, he would have lead and lived a King’s life”.  His efforts seemed like walking, walking, but nowhere to reach.  It was evident that he was under the seize of destiny.As months rolled by, Balanna became physically and psychologically weak and gradually his food intake too subsided, his energy began to wane away and it did appear as though his wife was indeed making arrangements to end his misery.  It really became an unfathomable sight for those who visited him.  Death was imminent as he was ultimately declared terminally ill with pancreatic cancer in its fourth stage. His studio too,akin to his ailment wore a sobre look as though his “Abhimaan” too were preparing to bid a goodbye and final salute to him.  During his last days he lied bedridden and he murmured at times and uttered in a feeble voice – “my wife is truly making arrangements to embrace me as she desperately wants to end my miseries”.  As the news of his sickness spread like a wild fire, his well-wisher friends in the film fraternity made early visits to share his grief, specially,(actor) Dr.Raj Kumar, Mr.Vatal Nagaraj (an independent politician) Mr.Shivaram, Mr.G.V.Iyer, non-fraternity well-wishers from across Karnataka, especially to be mentioned are BEML employees associations well-wishers whose sincere love for Balanna led them to protest against the Government to waive off Balanna’s Govt. loan of Rs.5 lakhs. After his death these loving well-wishers of BEML did construct a memorial – in honour of him “Balakrishna Ranga Mandira”KUDOS to them we hereby express ourdeep feltgratitudeto all of them Kannada film lovers who loved him immensely flocked to see him Former Prime Minister, Mr.Devegowda made a surprise visit to convey his Govt. support to him.Though Balanna was unable to even move, still he managed to sit up with trembling folded hands and with a tinge of gloom in his eyes invoked with tears, appealed to him,“Please save my studio”, the former Prime Minister did find hard to conceal his tears.

On 19th July 1995 at around 6.20 pm, Balanna who unarmed fought the battle of his life to save his studio,breathed his last.  His body was shifted from his daughter’s house to “Abhimaan Studio’s”, his Abode.  All his fraternity friends who were present in station paid theirlast tributes.  People from all over Karnataka thronged to “Abhimaan” to have a glimpse of a man who made them laugh, angry and also weep.  His power to relate to the audience became manifest in his death as the good will of the masses remainedmemorable.

The State Government immediately announced to honour him with state honours.  The body was laid to rest for public view and the funeral pire lit. The flame too engulfed the atmosphere but who would douse his burning aspiration and thus bring a fresh lease of life to his dream baby “Abhimaan”. 


A MESSAGE:- A man who was short of hearing and who finally crested the hilltop of success stand as an exemplary to all those who feel handicapped in their attempts or efforts to confront all obstinate obstacles and thus sail through their life journey.There is place for everybody on this earth, so don’t get depressed or dejected, only spirit to deal with the odds is required and pursue one’s passion to achieve it, and also strengthen one’s perspective.  In case even if one loses to one’s attempt, its not the end,surely there is something better in store, so keep one’s vision moving strong.