Hi, I Mrs.Geeta Bali.M. (Founder Trustee) third younger daughter of my late father Mr.T.N.Balakrishna and I do hereby from the deep bottom of my heart wish to convey my heartfelt deep gratitude with due respect to each and every one of my father’s supporters and well-wishers in the theatre and film fraternity who stood by him throughout his lifetime and who were also part of his successful theatre and film career, and a special heartfelt thanks to those who also supported him to promote his “Abhimaan Studio” and of course an affectionate loving regards to all Kannada Film lovers who loved him and still do.   

The renowned name list of my father’s well wisher friends who had been a part of his successful career and also supporters of his studio establishment have been briefed already.  I deeply regret and extremely sorry if anybody’s name is omitted unintentionally and I promise that each and everybody’s name shall be incorporated sooner.
I feel enormously highly privileged with an endearing bond as a daughter to pay my respectful and loving tributes to him by presenting this compendious facts of his biography and thus unfold his personal struggles, his persona, his dreams and contributions in the entertainment field of cinema and transcribe his memories to let them be transpired and brought to the world’s valuable attention to understand as how a man with short of hearing disability has succeeded in having acted in 561 films which itself is a testimony for all sound barriers and also these facts should never go unmissable by similar passionate achievers worldover. I take pride to state that he was a stalwart whose passion for theatre, his determination, confidence in himself and his perseverance led him to succeed as one of the most acclaimed actor in Kannada Cinema.  I salute him with due respect for all his achievements.

I consider this medium communication a precious opportunity to express my love and gratitude with due respect to each and every one in the film industry and theatre organizations who had shared their loving bonded friendship with my father and who were involved to be part of his successful career.  From deep bottom of my heart I wish to convey my prayers and good wishes to one and all in the film fraternity and to his beloved theatre personality colleagues, well-wishers and to his most loved Kannada film lovers.

Kind Attention: Every word and formation of sentences in this website is solely penned down by me. Shortly I intend to bring out the same with special additions in form of a book talking about the entire biography of my father through my eyes and thoughts!


A MESSAGE:- Devoid of short of hearing disability Mr.T.N.Balakrishna stand as a testimony for sound barriers for having acted in 561 films.   Only a will to work for the goal can help a person to succeed in life.  Struggles are experiments to attain success, struggles are not the end but adventures which make one competent for an ultimate success.  Contentment is the dias for peace in what we have and in turn which solely means end to sorrow